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Fomeco believes that it is necessary to engage in a long-term relationship with its employees, its government, its clients and its suppliers. This attitude is at the heart of our company and it can be seen in our World-Class Manufacturing Strategy. Repeatedly, we put emphasis on our “human resources” and the need to engage in honest and durable relationships.
We guarantee the compliance with different laws and directives through this attitude and other internal procedures. Some examples:
- Environmental legislation
- Social and labour law
- Fair competition
- Respect for human rights
- Corporate governance
-The ethical principles that Fomeco and its suppliers apply are described in our "Code of Conduct"

Some examples that show that Fomeco wants to go the extra mile:
1) Fomeco’s solar panels have an estimated yearly production of 360Mwh.
2) Fomeco Family Happenings with employees, family and neighbours.
3) In 2016, Fomeco has had a “relighting project”. All fluorescent lighting was replaced with LED.
4) Fomeco wants to protect its employees from noise pollution in an efficient and durable manner. That’s why the vast majority of our employees were given customised hearing protectors.