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Fomeco on the acquisition path in Dutch Limburg


The Zwevegem family business Fomeco (Bayart family) has put its hands on a division of the Dutch company Kiss Engineering. It concerns the 'hydroforming' department, which was placed under guardianship after bankruptcy. CEO Vincent Bayart saw an enormous opportunity and was able to successfully conclude the negotiations within a relatively short period of time. <BR> The deal with receiver Cristian Slegers about a restart of Kiss' hydroform activities was completed in early November. At the end of September the Limburg companies Kiss Hydroforming BV and KISS Hydroform Beheer BV were declared bankrupt. Fomeco is now providing a restart. The West Flemish SME can call itself a 'World Class Manufacturer' of all kinds of pipe products for exhaust systems, cooling systems and various chassis constructions for most European off road, truck and bus builders. Fomeco has two production sites: one in Zwevegem (170 employees and approximately 20 million euro turnover) and one in Itupeva, Brazil (30 employees and approximately 5 million euro turnover). There is also a sales and purchasing office in Pune, India. <BR> Fomeco is now to add a third production site. Fomeco Hydroforming BV is a high-tech company specialised in hydroforming technology. Using this technique, tube products under high water pressure (up to 3000 bar) in all kinds of free forms can be produced cost-efficiently, which also usually results in large weight savings. Fomeco Hydroforming's existing customers can be found in the automotive, truck, aircraft, furniture and sanitary industries <BR> A total of 15 Dutch people work with Fomeco Belgium. The existing management helps to realize the restart. <BR> The source:

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