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1000 days without accidents !


Fomeco do Brasil team is celebrating 1000 days without accidents !

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AUG 2023

Debut of the new Fomeco Brazil uniform for the indoor soccer team

On August 26, 2023, the Fomeco soccer team began its participation in the 2023/2024 season of the regional indoor soccer championship with its new...

mrt 2023

15 years of Fomeco do Brazil

On 15/3/2023 Fomeco do Brasil has celebrated its 15 years anniversary. During this celebration we awarded our employees that have joined our...

May 2020

DAF Certificate of Quality 2019

Just like last year, FOMECO do Brazil received the 'DAF Certificate of Quality' for their very good quality performance! This year they got...

Apr 2019

DAF Certificate of Quality 2018

FOMECO Do Brasil has received a quality certificate 2018 for its excellent job on Quality and a ppm value lower then 10! As a result, they...